Mini Classic Cooper

This Premastered Mini is now available for a new owner to enjoy this very solid and ‘great specced’ car! This fun car is a true blast to drive!!

This car was featured on Silodrome:

Last picture in the gallery is from the ’73 Ducati 750 Sport as being the inspiration for this bike.

Further description, see below.

1980 Mini Classic Cooper

Premastered 1380cc / 45DCOE / Straightcut

This Mini 1380 is not a Remastered nor a Neville Trickett Minisprint. It was the childhood dream car of a young car builder in The Netherlands.

A Mini 1000 was sourced in 2004 in order to create his own childhood thoroughbred streetracer.

Inspired by Neville Trickett’s Minisprints he totally dismantled the car for Minisprint bodywork modifications and had the body resprayed, inside and out, in a nice BRG.

The performance had to match the clean Minisprint tribute looks so a 1380cc engine including roller rockers, 296deg cam and 45DCOE13 Weber were acquired and installed. The bulkhead was modified not only to enhance proper breathing of the Weber set-up but also to allow future installation of a Turbo Metro engine if one desires. Proper breathing also requires a sophisticated exhaust system: LCB header and complementary silencer.

After careful tuning the engine was dynoed at 110HP.

In order to handle the additional 70HP over stock a straight cut gearbox does the job! Tall 1st gear does support the racy character of this car. Braking is uprated using 8,4” Cooper discs and calipers which snugly fit into the specially designed alloy 10” Cooper replica wheels covered with Yokohama Advan A-008 165/70/10 semi slicks. Hi-lo’s and Red Koni’s complement the suspension set-up.

A full – bolt-in – cage was installed and together with Cobra buckets and 4-point harnesses the safety issues are covered. Steering column drop bracket fitted.

The Mini was finished in 2008 and only very few miles were driven with the vehicle, due to owner/ builder’s new endeavour in English Car building. From 2009 until 2017, when the current owner acquired the vehicle, only 129 kilometers were driven with the car.

After the current owner acquired the car he hired a Dutch Mini guru (operating several race/ rally Mini’s) to inspect his purchase and perform not only routine maintenance but also some modifications such as new adjustable suspension parts (front and rear). Together with corner weighing and brake overhauling the Weber was cleaned, all fluids changed and engine dialed in afterwards.


€ 12.950,-

Car is Dutch registered with valid MOT until 2019. Car located 20 mins from Amsterdam Airport. Can assist in shipping worldwide.


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