The famous Ducati designer Pierre Terblance revealed the Ducati Sport Classic series in 2003. They were basically the first off-the-shelf Cafe Racers. A concept the world was not yet ready for in 2006 when the first production models went on sale. Sales were so poor Ducati stopped making them only four years later with less than 10000 examples made all three models combined. How different it is now with Cafe Racers dominating the home build scene and with almost every big manufacturer joining in.
Last picture in the gallery is from the ’73 Ducati 750 Sport as being the inspiration for this bike

Last picture in the gallery is from the ’73 Ducati 750 Sport as being the inspiration for this bike.

Further description, see below.

2006 Ducati SportClassis

Sport Classic 1000 ‘Elaborazione’

This 2006 Ducati Sport 1000 was bought in stock form by the current owner in 2009 en was subsequently improved not only to become a better bike technically but also to become a bike more in keep with its inspiration; the mythical 1973 Ducati 750 sport.
Ducati currently markets the Scrambler series which is also a retro design like the Sport Classic line but is lower spec in almost every regard making direct comparison hard if not impossible. In short, they serve a different audience.

Even though the Sport 1000 was a very expensive piece of kit in 2006, it was like all Ducati’s a motorcycle the customer had to ‘finish’.
The current owner, a former aircraft engineer, remedied all technical shortcomings but also, by carefully removing and adding parts, managed to enhance Pierre Terblance’s striking design while keeping a factory appearance.

Chassis mods;

  • Unadjustable stock Showa fork replaced by NOS fully adjustable Showa fork.
  • Sachs shock revalved and fitted with a progressive Hyperpro spring
  • New Exel rim fitted with alternative spoking creating enough space for
  • Ducati 999 Brembo four pot P4 34/34 calipers.
  • 1″ raised clip-on handle bars
  • Pirelli Angel GT 120/70R17, 180/55R17

Performance mods:

  • -Twin alloy Termignoni exhausts
  • Ducati Corse ECU
  • Ducati Corse airbox lid
  • Clutch modification to avoid rapid clutch basket wear
  • Machined ventilated clutch cover with carbon fibre inserts
  • Oberon billet clutch slave cylinder
  • Lowering final drive with a two tooth bigger than stock Supersprox
  • Bimetal Sprocket (130Kph equals 4500rpm in 6th)
  • Improved voltage regulator cooling

Cool zone modifications:

  • Fibre glass period tail unit professionally adapted to the stock sub frame. Painted Ducati red.
  • Genuine leather seat with zipper accessed stowage space.
  • Replica Cev rear light and license plate holder
  • Turn indicators deleted and replaced with hidden LED indicators
  • Handlebar mirrors deleted and replaced with a single Rizoma bar-end mirror
  • Clutch and Brake master cylinders with plastic remote reservoirs replaced by NOS Brembo cylinders with integrated cast reservoirs
  • Dashboard tilt brackets
  • Ducati 1000 GT front mudguard
  • Rear ABS hugger
  • Alloy chainguard extention
  • Genuine leather fuel tank protector, fuel tank bag holder. (for magnetic Fuel tank bag)

This cherished machine is still in like new, incident-free, condition after 12500 mostly dry miles and it comes with all keys, a full service including Motul 300V competition oil, oil filter, plugs, belts, chain and sprockets, brake and clutch fluid and new Pirelli Angel GT tyres.
All original parts are carefully stored and come with the bike. Bike located 20 mins from Amsterdam Airport.
Worldwide shipping can be arranged at competitive prices.


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